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"Promoting responsible pet ownership through Awareness, Education, & Training."

To promote responsible pet ownership in cities across the country through awareness, education, and training. The PIA believes dogs are amazing animals that if properly trained can be amazing pets and assets to society. Our charity collaborates with various groups within the pet community to offer needed services, knowledge and training to ultimately better the lives of our canine companions.

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Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2012 6:00 PM
Letter Of Your Awesomeness!

To whom may concern;

Larry Hill has been a tremendous asset to my organization, Project Unleashed by donating his valuable time to help at risk youth and homeless dogs.  He has inspired them to be kinder to each other and the animals they live with.  He is generous of spirit and time.  He is an essential element in Project Unleashed's program working with the Boys and Girls Club in Boyle Heights.  The program can not be done without his wisdom, professionalism, knowledge and kindness.  

He continually gives of his time when asked.  Whenever there's a community event to help bring greater quality of life to others, Larry is there.  He is an exemplorary member of our community.  I am proud to know this very fine man of great integrity.

(310) 480-0084

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To whom it may concern,

I volunteer with Karma Rescue in Los Angeles and have had the pleasure of getting to know Larry Hill through the animal rescue community. 

Through Karma Rescue I head an education program aimed at students in lower income schools that addresses the problem of companion animal overpopulation, issues of animal abuse and general animal welfare.  Larry has been an invaluable asset to our program.  He is a wealth of information, consistently contributing more than is required.

Most recently we worked together on a program at the Salesian Boys and Girls Club in East Los Angeles.  Larry volunteered his time to create and lead a six week program to teach the neighborhood children about proper pet care, training and safety.  

He serves as a role model in his community and also for the students we visit each month.

At all times I have found Larry to be reliable, and trustworthy, selflessly devoting his time and expertise to help others. Larry Hill is an asset to his community, and his reputation is beyond reproach.


Kelly Newfield

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