Puppy Imprinters Academy

"Promoting responsible pet ownership through Awareness, Education, & Training."

To promote responsible pet ownership in cities across the country through awareness, education, and training. The PIA believes dogs are amazing animals that if properly trained can be amazing pets and assets to society. Our charity collaborates with various groups within the pet community to offer needed services, knowledge and training to ultimately better the lives of our canine companions.

“Promoting responsible pet ownership through
Awareness, Education, & Training.”

— Larry Hill


About Puppy Imprinters Academy

Puppy Imprinters Academy (PIA) is a grassroots canine education and obedience institution with the goal of bringing a higher level of pet awareness and knowledge to better the lives humans and canines alike. PIA was designed to develop a network of responsible pet owners who possess the skill set necessary to address the needs of their communities. To learn more about the Program Manager/Founder Larry Hill click here.


PIA organizes two to four major shows a year such as the Greater Los Angeles Dogknic held in Southern California. Shows are held in communities around the public park system to stir interest on the subject of responsible pet ownership. At shows trainers demonstrate obedience, agility, and drive work. While members of the community are free to walk around with their pets visiting booths of local trainers, rescue groups/volunteer organizations, and other local pet service groups.



PIA organizes a minimum of three seminars annually. These seminars cover various topics dealing with Responsible Pet Ownership. Seminars are marketed to the community and designed to share knowledge and training. These seminars are a great way to get Pet Owners, Trainers, Rescue Groups/Volunteer Organizations, & Private/Government Agencies to come out and be receptive to learning new techniques to achieve better results in their given fields.



PIA is invited to speak in numerous lectures annually. Lectures are held in front of pet owners, rescue groups, private/government agencies, and students of all ages. We have lectured on topics ranging from training, nutrition, and health, to community, policy, and outreach.


Training Classes are held weekly on an ongoing basis. There are four programs; novice, basic, intermediate, and advanced. Each program consists of 10 classes over a 10 week span. All four programs if taken consecutively can be completed in about 10 months. Please come out to the Free PIA Obedience Training Camps the 3rd Saturday of every Month. Please contact us for more information or to RSVP. Camps are by appointment only so make sure to RSVP.


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