Puppy Imprinters Academy

"Promoting responsible pet ownership through Awareness, Education, & Training."

To promote responsible pet ownership in cities across the country through awareness, education, and training. The PIA believes dogs are amazing animals that if properly trained can be amazing pets and assets to society. Our charity collaborates with various groups within the pet community to offer needed services, knowledge and training to ultimately better the lives of our canine companions.

Me & My Dog™ 5 Wk Obedience Series

On behalf of our generous sponsors we are able to offer SCHOLARSHIPS to participate in our obedience training programs to qualified and dedicated individuals (some equipment included). Weekly classes are a great way to keep pets socialized in an environment containing both animals and people, but still in a controlled setting. The ultimate goal of our 5 week training programs is to teach our students how to better understand their pets. Students are taught how to place the proper control in their pets to prevent any unseen situations.

PIA offers free 5 week obedience training classes (scholarships are limited) to members of the community on

Saturday's at 5971 S St Andrews Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90047@ 9AM & 10AM

Sunday's at 3201 Lacy St, Los Angeles, CA 90031 @ 10:30AM

There are two classes held each Saturday, one at 9AM and another at 10AM. The Sunday class starts at 10:30AM, please arrive for classes 15 minutes early. These classes are to make sure people are at the least exposed to a basic level of training in order to control their pets. It has been our experience that a large percentage of pet owners have a limited knowledge base in what it takes to be a responsible pet owner. It has also been our experience that many pet owners in economically deprived areas though they love their pets have very limited resources to maintain them. Our Program teaches a level of training which will cut down on the number of pet fights, bites, and litigation brought against this socioeconomic group. Please Bring the following to class:

1. Comfortable 6-foot leash (No retractable or chain style leashes)

2. Well-fitting yard collar/flat collar (no harnesses)

3. Training collar (Choke or Prong collar)

4. Proof of rabies vaccine

5. Plastic bag for poop

6. Water for dog

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